To me, happiness is...

  1. Requited love
  2. Being able to bring my mom to Europe when she retires, one day
    With the hard earned money I've made myself
  3. Finding my imperfectly defined The One
    And to make the life long choice to stay with him forever, because he sure didn't come along easy
  4. A military wedding
  5. Owning a beagle
    And naming it Snoopy
  6. Starting my own business one day
    Doing something I love, and what I have to offer I can truly say I am passionate about bringing it to my customers
  7. Fulfilling my dream of becoming an armchair psychologist
    Not just because I can sit in an armchair and charge $500 an hour. But I genuinely want to help my distressed patients and guide them on the path to recovery and watch them get better day by day
  8. Get a PhD
    Not just for the designation and I was thinking in the arts, like literature or philosophy
  9. Finding a niche sport and honing my skills in it and continue to practice it till I am a ripe old age
    One land related, but I want to experiment with water sports too
  10. Having a walk in closet in my future apartment
  11. Having the discipline to earn my license
  12. Buying my dream car
    An upmarket one if I'm single, a dependable SUV if I have a family in tow
  13. Being able to attend my close friends' weddings
    And hopefully be invited to be a bridesmaid at a couple, if not all of them
  14. Staying in touch with the people who matter throughout this life
    Those who have seen my flaws and my ugly sides and my patheticalness and still choose to stick by me through it all
  15. A lifetime supply of gourmet chocolates
  16. Raising my own kids to become fine young men and women
    Or just kind, brave and competent adults
  17. Travel the world
    And conquer Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and certain parts of Asia
  18. Never having another financial worry in my life
    Or it plaguing the lives of any one close to me
  19. Good health
    And seeing everyone around me be disease free too
  20. To have made a lasting impact in this world by helping other humans and if possible touch their lives no matter how small or big
    So I don't die a waste of space on this earth. I want to die knowing I at least mattered to someone
  21. Watching others find true happiness of their own, in any form
    Love, career, relationships, family, ambitions
  22. Meeting the founder of this App!