Ongoing list to read when I'm in bed at night wanting to get up and go get a snack and/or canceling my morning workout
  1. You'll just start again in a few months
    I need to lose weight. For lots of reasons but most importantly, my health. A few months from now when I start this process over, I'm going to hate myself for giving up when I was doing so well
  2. How much have I actually suffered?
    Okay so yes, I would give up social media for a week to eat a large order of French fries and inhale a large Dr. Pepper, but am I really not surviving without them? Eating better and working out is hard, but I've got so much to gain... Er... Lose? Idk, whatever you get it.
  3. It's not going to always consume you like this
    So maybe all the website articles and tumblr posts are true.. It's a lifestyle change. So once you get the healthy/fit lifestyle you're working for, it won't feel like your life is controlled by your efforts to be living a certain 'style.' You'll just be living life
  4. You'll have confidence
    Not because it's impossible to be confident in whatever body shape you have, but because you'll finally let yourself do all the things you think you can't because you're not happy with what you see and how you feel. If you can do this, what can't you do?
  5. Don't be the girl who let her eating disorder win
    Okay so what, you had your 'dream' body when your eating disorder ruled your life? Be the girl who rules her own life. Own this change. Don't let your story finish with your ED getting the last word.
  6. Entitlement
    Work for this now and you'll have no one to thank but yourself
  7. Toast to the douchebags...
    Not that you ever want those guys back (****, ***, *******) think of how good it's going to feel ignoring their texts
  8. For the number on the scale
    Even though it's not about the number itself, think about how it'll feel when you look down and see it 10 digits lower