1. I'm so depressed
  2. Wow life is so beautiful. I'm honestly so blessed
  3. I could have written this
  4. Okay, my instagrams are waaaayy cooler than this
  5. I'm going to be so healthy
  6. Screw you, ex bf from high school!!!!
  7. Wow, sex is pretty cool
  8. I just want to live in a loft with white walls and a mattress on the floor and books piled high
  9. I'm going to start drinking hot tea on a daily basis
  10. I just wanna smoke, drink and be really cool. Like yeah, let's f***ing party
  11. Quiet time is so beautiful
  12. I want to start painting, I really think I could do this
  13. I need to buy some scented candles
  14. A bubble bath would be really nice sometimes
  15. Why was I ever so ashamed of my hickeys?? They're just love bruises
  16. How hard would someone have to slap my ass to leave a handprint mark?
  17. I really need to plan that camping trip
  18. I'm just going to drive to the beach by myself. I'm definitely independent enough to do that
  19. Okay, tomorrow I'm going to actually do my makeup. Like, put on eyeshadow and everything
  20. I need to wear a bra less often. I have small enough breasts where I could totally get away with it
  21. I really want to buy a legit camera
  22. I should go hiking more
  23. It's not really fair, no one asks to have the parents they get. Beautiful people really are just #blessed
  24. Pugs are really cute
  25. Niall Horan really is dreamy
  26. I need to start up playing guitar again
  27. These couples are so cute
  28. I would never ask my bf to take a picture like this with me
  29. I'm going to start saving money to backpack around the world
  30. Maybe I should go back to school