My thoughts are so jumbled right now but I just had to write something- see if it helped the pain in my heart
  1. Saw with horror this news yesterday
  2. I live in a beautiful California bubble - Sometimes I forget
  3. That the color of my skin is a huge problem in other places
  4. My heart breaks for this young man
    A victim of a racist hate crime
  5. A smart young man ,an innocent man , killed by a fucking ignorant racist asshole
  6. I am also so angry -
    To my family back in India who kept questioning my pure hatred of trump - this is why
  7. But I can't say that to them
    To do so feels like I am taking advantage of this poor man's murder
  8. So I will try today to pick myself up and say this is why we are fighting
  9. #resistance
  10. And the A-hole president still hasn't denounced it!! Let me tweet about Nordstrom not carrying my daughters brand but innocent people dying because of YOU, graves desecrated because of YOU, JCC'a across the country including mine getting bomb threats and you keep quiet !