I am taking a shot posting this here - I know this amazing list community is full of activists, people who believe in doing good in their community!! So thank you in advance for reading ! I appreciate it so much !!!!🤗
  1. I live in the beautiful city of Mountain View, California
  2. A city that , thanks to the tech industry is facing its own set of challenges - income inequality, cost of housing etc
  3. Enter my dear friend, an educator who decided to do something about this
    Her whole philosophy is that the youth will show us the way and our responsibility is to give them them the tools to become leaders for change
  4. She started a non profit two years ago called "Soulforce"
  5. She works with high school students to teach them to be leaders and to create change in their communities through the principle of non-violence, mindfulness, justice,equality and love
  6. The non profit is in the running for a $100,00 grant ( thank u tech industry)
    But it's an online vote which will decide the "winner"
  7. This will be their first grant - so far it's just my friend and her board putting in their money and time
  8. The money will help them expand their program, educate more trainers and set them up for more change !!
  9. So, if this interests you and you feel comfortable- please do use the link below to vote
  10. They are requiring login via social media platform ( I know!! Tsk) 😐
    She already called them out on this weird policy and also that it's not limited to only mountain view residents but perhaps that part can work in our favour ?!:) 😌
  11. Here is the link to vote
  12. Here is the website for her organisation
  13. Thank you 🙏🏽
  14. You guys ! A quick update! Lead with Soulforce is one of the three winners of the $100k Inspire Mountain View grant !!!!!!
    Thank u thank u thank u to all those who voted and spread the word. !!! Here's to changing the world with love - one person at a time !!!