1. Who is 5 and a half years old
  2. Just read three chapters of my old Enid Blyton " Faraway Tree" book
  3. All BY HIMSELF !!!
  4. He could have kept going if it wasn't time for school
  5. I am so proud of him !!
  6. I always knew that the one passion I definitely wanted to make sure I could cultivate in him was the joy of reading
  7. And now he is reading my favorite children's author of all times !!
    Richard Scarry is a very close second
  8. I just ... my heart has grown two sizes bigger and just exploding with joy
  9. :)
  10. Oh and I don't get baseball but congrats to Chicago and you die hard Cubs fans - that was a fun game to watch !!
  11. Have a great day fellow listers !
  12. Happy reading !! *hugs*