My favourite food cities

I live to eat and I refuse to feel ashamed about it. Disclaimer: I have not yet been to China.
  1. New York City
    A city that can has an obscene number of Michelin star restaurants as well as countless cheap eats that are more satisfying than all the fancy food deserves to be remembered as The Greatest. From the obviously great pizza and sandwiches to such unexpected delights as insanely good Tibetan food, NY has it all. And if you'd really like to narrow it down further, just come to Hell's Kitchen.
  2. Bombay
    If you don't like Indian food, something is clearly very wrong with you. But Bombay has the best Chinese food too. Really. Oh and that street food...!
  3. Lisbon
    Lisbon is hands down the most diverse city in terms of food offerings here. Not only is native Portuguese food delicious, how can anyone resist all the amazing fusion cuisine in this gorgeous little city?!
  4. Chicago
    Chicago really does have amazing food. Ignore all that nonsense about Chicago style pizza (it's horrible!) and head to neighbourhoods like the West Loop and Lincoln Park for some truly delightful and creative fare.
  5. Tokyo
    Ramen, tempura, yakitori - need I say more? Actually yes, yes I must! Best Indian food I've had outside of India!
  6. Panjim
    Goa has incredible food all over the state but Panjim city boasts of a number of excellent Goan and Goan-fusion delights.