New York City Date Nights

Because it really is the greatest, most romantic city in the world. And because @aadi asked.
  1. Dinner in the East Village followed by drinks at Death and Co
    The daytime grunge of the East Village takes on an exquisite vivacity by night
  2. Shopping at the Strand
    What's more romantic than having your partner try to rein you in while you run around in a post drinks frenzy collecting books? Few bookstores in the world stay open past 8PM. Fewer still are buzzing at 10.
  3. Star/skyline gazing on the High Line Park
    The high line might be my favourite part of New York - and it is so wonderfully distinctively NY!
  4. Yakitori / tempura dining
    Yakitori is eminently romantic to me! I would say Yakitori Totto and Tori Shin are both masterful outfits.
  5. Multiplex movie night
    This might seem like it's not a particularly NY thing (and Times Square is anathema to romance) but as I've recently learned, it's not actually likely to find so many good movies showing in one place everywhere in the world.
  6. Carnegie Hall concert
    The venue itself is a work of art and they host the most magical talents!
  7. Ramen
    Getting ramen, especially after a long day's work, can be the most comforting way to spend a date night. Ippudo is worth all the hype but my favourite might be Nishida Shoten!