What are the best restaurants in Glendale, CA?

Yes, I’m doing this to start an argument. But I do want to hear what you think. These are my go-to joints in Glendale. I know there are others you might like that I haven’t been to yet (like Bashan), but this is what’s on my list right now. Oh, and these are in no particular order.
  1. Din Tai Fung
    Now that I’ve explored the San Gabriel Valley, while there are places that serve better Xiaolongbao (Juicy Pork Dumplings), none do it in such a nice environment.
  2. Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak
    Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak - The food here is really good, beautifully prepared in a great setting. Just be prepared to fork over a lot of cash.
  3. Glendale Pho Company
    If you’re not heading into Rosemead or San Gabriel for Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, this place to go.
  4. Dinah's Fried Chicken
    Okay this joint surprised me. The closest thing to the late great Stevie’s Creole Cafe, and I did not see it coming. The closest thing to proper Fried Chicken.
  5. Skaf's Lebanese
    Neighborhood Lebanese not too far from Glendale Community College.
  6. Recess
    Chef owned and powered, really, really underrated.
  7. Porto's
    Probably one of the most popular restaurants period in Los Angeles, and certainly the most popular Cuban place in town. Be prepared for a lot of long, long lines.
  8. Taco Azteca Original
    Yeah, it doesn’t look great from the outside, but...they make one mean Taco.
  9. Mambo's
    Yes, this place is in Glendale. It’s a converted Gas Station that serves amazing Cuban Food.
  10. Mi Corazon
    A surprisingly good Mexican Joint in Kenneth Village of all places. It serves up some good Tex-Mex dishes, while also serving traditional Mexican good stuff.
  11. Raffi's Place
    Have not been in since the remodel, but the elegance factor has jumped up off the charts. Still great food, though.
  12. Phoenicia
    Everybody’s got their place for Traditional Meza. Hard to argue with one directly across the street from the Armenian Consulate.
  13. Carousel
    The first place I tried Meza, and it was amazing. It’s right in the heart of town, off Colorado
  14. Kanpai Ramen
    The best Ramen joint in Glendale, and judging by the crowd when I got in there last time, everybody knows it.