I think Ardashes "Ardy" Kassakhian is going to be a great Assemblyman for the 43rd District. Here are some of the reasons I voted for him.
  1. Ardy’s been a fantastic City Clerk for Glendale, with a proven record of leadership.
    As Glendale’s City Clerk, Ardy modernized the clerk’s operation with new technology and environmentally sustainable practices that save taxpayer money. He took the initiative to provide election information in more languages to increase voter participation and expanded government transparency and accountability by shining a light on the inner workings of City Hall.
  2. Ardy will fight for working families.
    Ardy’s priorities will be building a growing economy, strong public schools, and safe and healthy neighborhoods. As the son of immigrants, Ardy wants every Californian to have the same opportunity to reach for the American Dream that his family had. Building on his experience as Glendale’s chief elections officer, he will work to increase voter turnout and give voters more information about who is funding campaigns.
  3. Ardy has been leading from an early age.
    Ardy was first elected as City Clerk in 2005, making history as the youngest person ever elected to public office in Glendale. Ardy serves as Secretary of the Glendale Economic Development Corporation, designed to attract new businesses to Glendale and spur job creation.
  4. I'm proud of his time with the ANCA-WR.
    Earlier in his career, Ardy led the Armenian National Committee of America Western Region and its advocacy program, working with elected officials at every level of government on efforts to promote international human rights and expand tolerance.
  5. Ardy's got the background and the knowledge to make a great leader for California.
    Ardy graduated with a degree in history from UCLA and is currently completing a Masters in Public Policy. With his long record of public service and advocacy, he earned a spot at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Senior Executive Program for State and Local Government in 2009 and completed the Coro Foundation Executive Fellowship Program.
  6. Ardy has deep roots in our community.
    Ardy where he grew up and attended public schools here in Glendale. Ardy’s dad is a retired environmental scientist and his mom is a proud member of the Glendale Teachers Association, with 30 years of teaching experience. Ardy’s wife Courtney is an elementary school principal and the grandchild of immigrants from Mexico and Spain.
  7. Most importantly, he's the father of Armen.
    Hey, to know the kid is to love him.
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