Drupes are defined by their kernel-in-a-pit-surrounded-by-flesh composition. I've been known to eat half a dozen drupes a day in the summertime. Let me tell you about them...
  1. white nectarine
    the powdery almondness (also a drupe) of the white varietals is singular and life-affirming. & juicier than cousin peach.
  2. Shiro plum
    large, firm, and with a mottled yellow-green skin, they're less acidic & tart than the black or red varietals. can offer quite the unexpected and satisfying crunch!
  3. Bing cherry
    best when very firm and very large, ahem. I can put away pounds and pounds of these over the course of an evening in lieu of dinner. & as a natural laxative, they'll empty you out nicely so plan for a leisurely night at home when indulging.
  4. coffee bean
    without it, the pumpkin spice latte would never exist! and FYI if you haven't tried coffee-flavored yogurt, you're missing out
  5. coconut
    you'll need to be patient and somewhat physically adept to carve out the flesh with a big, strong spoon. but such a fascinating object! and purchased whole is still cheaper (but less pink) than a bottle of harmless harvest
  6. jujube (Chinese date)
    old Chinese ladies put the cutest things into their porridges, like goji berries (for healthy eyes) and jujubes (for improved qi). they look like deeply wrinkled bright red dates and are much less sugary. I like to put them in my oatmeal and tea.
  7. avocado
    tricked you! it's actually a berry.