19 IS LIKE...?

I'm nineteen, disillusioned, confused, scared, eager, constantly in awe, and lost af. Watching my three older brothers grow up, I noticed that they seemed to grow up with such an ease, so naturally. Right now I'm lost. So tell me, anyone who is or has been 19, what was it like for you and how are you not dogged down by the weight of age?
  1. Humbling
    I used to be quite the wild one. Innately I still feel wild, but I've found that growing up comes with attachment. I can confidently say that I preferred being an outsider because only then did I feel I could truly be myself. I felt free as a passive stranger to the world. But 19 has showed me what it's like to care, what it's like to have several matters, people, feelings, desires, all tugging at my heart strings--what it's like to be domesticated, tamed, humbled by my own experiences:
  2. Eye-opening
    You're starting to finish your way over from being a child to being an adult. You're in college. Or if not, you're probably working. You're starting to see that all these grown up things that felt so out of reach when you were a child aren't that strange. You're realizing that things you believed would take a lifetime to get to are just there, right in front of you, all of a sudden. You're seeing the world differently, and it can be both exhilarating and dampening.
    Suggested by   @reneesancefair
  3. Learning all about yourself!
    Last year when I was 19 was the most I've ever written down goals for the moment, the future, projects I'd been wanting to do, business ideas, etc. Journaling also helped me sort through the mess of life I was going through. Also, take a personality test or love language test just for fun! Found out what mine was and made an effort to step outside of my comfort zone. Learn what you like & don't like, you'll have to accept failures and successes that'll happen.
    Suggested by   @anuhea
  4. FUN
    Ok yeah you're more towards adult, but be young! Go to school, go to work, get it all done...but also do the things you wanna do while you're young and healthy. It would suck to be a frail old 200 year old person, thinking of missed opportunities.
    Suggested by   @anuhea
  5. Doing scary things because you're eager!!!
    You said you're eager, so do whatcha gotta do to get things rolling. Take big steps forward rather than waiting for things to come to you. And surround yourself with supportive and ambitious people that'll help you do the scary things.
    Suggested by   @anuhea