I've seen people use the @list app to tell stories, give advice, make lists (who knew), and rant. My favorite kinds are the ones where people introduce themselves using the app. I've been inspired and I thought I'd take a swing at defining myself, which is actually pretty puzzling. Anyways, my name is Adrianna. (Pictures are all mine🌝)
  1. I'm like anyone else
    You mean you don't put tampons in your nostrils for nosebleeds?
  2. I like doing fun things
    Like building pillow forts
  3. Fun things with family
  4. And friends
  5. Sometimes I do fun things without thinking them through
  6. Like driving something I've never driven before through an old couple's private property
  7. And then almost getting us murdered by cows
  8. Or dousing myself in fake blood on Halloween before realizing it definitely won't dry by the time I need to leave
  9. So then I showed up to Rocky Horror still wet with blood
  10. And then there was that one time I went to a Fetty Wap concert with my roommate and we both got shit faced beforehand (I listed about this while inebriated)
    When she smiles like this you know something is askew
  11. I later wandered off to eat some goddamn chicken nuggets
    (I dropped one and got ranch on my favorite shirt so no it wasn't worth it.)
  12. Let's not forget the time my friend was moving away to Texas the next day so we decided we should probably jump into the ocean while still wearing our normal land-dwelling clothes.
    (It was worth it.)
  13. So, yeah, sometimes mindless behavior drives my identity.
  14. But sometimes...
  15. I'm a sucker for tranquility...
  16. ...At the end of the day...
  17. ...Or the early morning.
  18. Sometimes I need the calm...
  19. ...Where I'm far from reality...
  20. ...And I can hear myself think...
  21. ...And I can just BE.
  22. You know?
  23. For a while I thought I had to be only one thing
  24. But then I realized maybe I could be this synthesis of both
  25. Daring
  26. And pensive
  27. I don't know. I guess I don't really know who I am yet. I'm still young so defining me is quite hard. Maybe one day I'll realize recklessness is just a part of being young. Maybe one day I'll grow bored of my own mind. Who knows?
  28. But for right now
  29. I guess I'm content
  30. With ambiguity