1. Australia
    I have a cousin who lives there and she's graduating uni soon. I have an obligation to go. Also I just really like Australia.
  2. New York
    At this time of the year?? Hells to the yeah. I bet it's beautiful.
  3. Any restaurant that serves $30+ steaks
    Whenever I bite into a $30 dollar steak, suddenly the definition of harmony becomes a little more clear to me.
  4. Any abandoned buildings
    I don't know. I just feel at ease in them.
  5. Disneyland
    HAHA sike.
  6. But seriously though, any kind of amusement park.
  7. The Aquarium of Genoa
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    But not without the accompaniment of a gorgeous soulful-eyed, 6'2 boy.
  8. Black Forest, Germany
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  9. My bed
  10. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  11. Moonrise Kingdom
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    What a safety blanket for teenage rebellion.