I love mornings. They're seriously my favorite time of the day. I can't be in a bad mood in the early mornings.
  2. 6:15 am - Wake the fuck up
    Yeah that's a sleep mask. I haven't been sleeping well so I've resorted to a sleep's so extra but I swear it helps. p.s. Does anyone else feel remind themselves of a baby when they wake up in the morning? My face gets all puffy in the morning and I look exactly like how I did in this picture of myself when I was like 3 and playing in the snow.
  3. 6:30 am - wash my face and moisturize heh heh
    I really like using Paula's Choice Skincare products, and I'm in love with rose water. Also, this part of my routine really wakes me up, and makes me feel ready for whatever the days holds.
  4. 6:45 am - make breakfast
    I stopped eating breakfast for a while, but in a fit to reclaim my self-care habits, I eat breakfast every morning. It's crazy how much it helps me throughout the day...I used to only drink coffee and eat nothing until like 2:30pm. Also, I ate everything before I could take a picture😂 so here's a pic of the pan after I made some eggs and potatoes✊🏽
    I loooooove putting on makeup. The act of putting makeup on I find more pleasing than how I look with it on😂 makeup is fun. Idk why but putting it on is so calming, and what better way to express a newfound sense of audacity than with blue eyeshadow? Also this is my core, what-I-use-everyday bundle of makeup.
  6. Today morning playlist: Khalid's new album, American Teen
    Yo this kid is only 18?!?! Raspy voiced and fully aware of his youth makes for A+ lyrics
  7. 7:20 am - Get dressed, pack my shit, make my lunch, etc.
  8. 7:45 am - Leave for school
  9. 8:00 am - depending on what I have to do that day, I'll go to the library or to the cafeteria. I used to get coffee but I'm pretty sure it started triggering my anxiety and sleep problems because I'd drink multiple
  10. I usually hang out there and then have class at 9:30 am. Today (Wednesday) I have Spanish🌝 heh heh