1. I broke a record in speed on the treadmill
    This isn't a big deal but I usually run at the pace of 6...(I'm not sure what units this is in, or if this is a representative of units at all, maybe it's just a level, idk) and today I ran at 7.5 so (:
  2. I encountered a Tom Hardy look-a-like
    It's not often that I come across a Tom Hardy look-a-like. But today, he spoke to me. He asked me if I was still using a machine. Unfortunately I had my headphones in so I was unable to hear if he had a British accent. 🔥🔥🔥
  3. A lady told me my shoe was "open"
    Um, I'm not sure why she assumed the term "open" was an acceptable synonym for "untied" in this scenario...but it was very misleading. I looked at my backpack quickly, thinking it was open. It was closed. Then I glanced down at my foot, and there it was, my shoelace, untied. At the mere sight I muttered a quick thank you, but when I glanced up, this mysterious, grammatically impaired lady was no where to be seen, leaving me in my embarrassment from thanking no one in particular.