(Author's note: I wrote all of this last night while drunk, and so some of it won't make sense but I had to publish this shit) Currently at a fetty wap concert and forever reason my roommate and I took several shots before going. Live listing whilst at the concert and I can't feel my mouth which means I am definitely drink af
  1. Eating pizza e by the bathroom
    This shit cost six dollars a slice
  2. I'm coming for ya food stand
    And I'm about to spend mo moneeeyyy on dash food
  3. A girl just hit on me
  4. Almost jacked some girls' chicken nuggets
  5. I started eating the chicken nuggets before I paired for them and the cashier (a cutie) gave me some napkins to wipe my face 🌝
  6. A high point in my life
    Sitting alone in the venue's lobby with my chicken and fries eating ranch. I've never felt better. (This could be because of the heavy influence of grey goose)
  7. I dropped a nugget on my self