Favorite pictures of places I've visited

  1. I traveled to a little community in Alaska called halibut cove
    It was unique because to get around town we had to travel by boat. Also the only place with wi-fi was a small coffee shop with dial up like speeds. I suggest to visit the area of you have a chance. 😀
  2. The snowboarding was done for me but everyone else took advantage of the night run. This was in steamboat, Colorado.
    I also suggest visiting this place if you the chance. It's not a big resort but there are plenty of runs on the mountain to keep you occupied.
  3. The first time was in New York.
    I had to be a tourist and visit Times Square... Please don't judge. I did find a pub a few blocks away by the name of mchales definitely drop by the pub if you get the chance.
  4. Downtown Prescott, Arizona
    I grew up in the Prescott area till the age of sixteen I didn't return till I was twenty-one which allowed me to explored downtown Prescott in a different way. Especially the road called whiskey row lol. In the very back you'll see the hill called thumb butte it's really an iconic feature of the area.
  5. Arizona made the list again...
    This was right outside of Prescott in a town called chino valley. During my last visit I was able to capture a few spectacular shots of the summer storm. How could this not be one of my favorites?