i really love to cook! here's some of my favorite stuff to make. if you want any recipes, just let me know!
  1. an old fashioned
    simple + classic + tasty. only luxardo cherries allowed!
  2. baked brie
    drizzle some honey and put it in the oven. makes for a great appetizer.
  3. sushi
    super fun to make and also you can customize it since you're making it at home. i like to put cream cheese in all my rolls.
  4. grilled shrimp
    old bay seasoning is so perfect for seafood. must be grilled on a charcoal grill ONLY. lots of flavor that way.
  5. fresh fettuccine with alfredo
    fresh pasta is surprisingly easy to make if you have an automatic pasta press! i have one for my kitchen aid mixer and love it. alfredo is also pretty easy to make. secret ingredient: nutmeg.
  6. risotto with peas
    total comfort food. also goes well with asparagus. i unfortunately do not have a picture for this at this time :(
  7. lemon meringue pie
    as a kid, i hated lemon flavored things but now i love them, especially this pie. meringue is awesome.
  8. key lime pie
    i'm sensing a trend here... really tasty. i highly recommend making it with sweetened condensed milk. again, meringue rocks.
  9. ice cream
    i got an ice cream maker and jeni's ice cream cookbook for christmas so i love to follow her recipes. this picture is of the roasted cherry and vanilla bean flavor.
  10. french press coffee
    delicious at any time of day tbh