I didn't think senior year of college was going to be this hard

  1. i have a calculus 2 quiz every thursday
    i have class on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. yes, three days in a row. so we learn something on wednesday and are quizzed on it the next day. also calc 2 is the hardest of the calc sequence.
  2. for one unit, i have to do over 400 mathematical economics problems
    one chapter has 119 problems!! this class isn't hard cause i've done all this math before, but there is so much work, and i already know how to do it. so it's just busy work and we see very little application to economics.
  3. i work 25 hours a week
    i love my job a lot and i am so grateful for that, but it does take up a chunk of my week.
  4. i have to take calc 3, econometrics and linear algebra next semester
    i have nothing to say about this except that i am not looking forward to it.
  5. i just want to graduate
    i am 7 months and 8 days away.