When I finished college three years ago, I was a size ten. I just went through my closet to sort through old clothes, and here is an inventory.
  1. 7 pairs of jeans
    All of them were bought new. I currently have three pairs, and none were new
  2. 1 pair of capris
    I now have an almost identical pair.
  3. 4 pairs of shorts
    These are just the wear-out shorts. I did just get a couple new ones, thanks to the sales this weekend.
  4. Innumerable shirts
    Like, 90% of the t-shirts I have now, I also had back then, but then there were fitted tops and causal blouses. The cheaper fitted shirts are scattered around my apartment, because they are useful.
  5. Conclusion:
    Somehow, my life after college, the one where I work a full time job and make double the minimum wage, leaves me more broke than college, when I was not working for money, and in fact had to pay for the work I did do.