If Days of the Week Were Cereals

  1. SUNDAY-Honey bunches (not the almond one)
    Because it's tasty but sometimes murders you with its sharp reminders.
  2. MONDAY-Plain shredded wheat
    You know why.
  3. TUESDAY-Colossal crunch
    Because it tricks you. Tuesday always makes you think it's Wednesday. And that's just rude. Colossal crunch is NOT Cap 'n' Crunch.
  4. WEDNESDAY-Reese's puffs/cookie crisp
    Treat yo self. You made it to Wednesday. You deserve it.
  5. THURSDAY-Special K w/strawberries
  6. FRIDAY-Oops...just berries!
    Only good feels.
  7. SATURDAY-Trix/Froot Loops/Lucky Charms
    The good feels continue.