What to Do on Days Off

  1. Make a bunch of intricate plans. The stuff I've been putting off because I "don't have enough time" or because "scandal is on."
    Then get close to nothing in those plans done.
  2. Clean the most neglected parts of the house.
    And then decide you might as well clean everything while you're at it.
  3. Sleep in.
    Just kidding. What I meant was wake up in a panic and then remember you have the day off.
  4. Forget to eat
    Or eat everything in the house.
  5. Watch everything on the tele.
  6. Look up cool new ways to do my hair.
    And then try all of the ways.
  7. Update all software and apps.
    I got time for dat.
  8. Debate when I should leave the house to run errands.
    Never end up actually leaving the house.