Brody was adopted from the Jacksonville Humane Society in 2012.
  1. The first picture I took of Bro when we brought him home on 8/3/12.
  2. How I woke up one morning a few days after adopting him. He looks like a hippo.
  3. Those wrinkles 💕
  4. Brody and my husband at our first house on base.
  5. Brody's first Halloween. He's a skunk.
  6. When I took Brody with me to my parent's house in Louisiana. He had too much fun in the rain 😑
  7. When my husband was on the ship Brody slept on his side.
  8. Brody's first adoption anniversary. The question mark candle was perfect since we don't know his real age.
  9. A bonding moment between Brody and our cat Lucca. We got her in 2013 and she used to hate him.
  10. Christmas 2013
  11. Cuddling 💕💕💕
  12. Rare photo of the three of us
  13. That face.
  14. Brody sitting on me. He doesn't respect personal space.
  15. Brody's 2nd adoption anniversary. His cake, like the previous year's, is made out of pumpkin and peanut butter with Greek yogurt for frosting.
  16. Another pic from his 2nd adoption anniversary.
  17. Brody thinking he could fit in Lucca's bed.
  18. Brody and my pregnant belly. I was about ten weeks.
  19. I'm just obsessed with his face.
  20. Brody being a fucking weirdo.
  21. 😍
  22. Brody and his BFF Kira.
  23. Brody and my extra large pregnant belly. And my breaking bad shirt.
  24. Brody just taking Lucca for a walk.
  25. Brody's 3rd adoption anniversary.
  26. So photogenic
  27. Brody and my baby, Bear. 😍
  28. His latest Halloween costume. A pickle.