1. Develop a Routine
    Humans are creatures of habit. Create healthy patterns that are consistent and can be followed easily.
  2. Wear Good Pajamas
    SUPER IMPORTANT. Make bed time YOUR time. Get yourself something nice to sleep in, and enjoy those precious hours of zzz's.
  3. Practice Positive Thinking
    You hold the power! Talk, and treat yourself good! Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you're doing a damn good job.
  4. Workout
    You don't need to be the ultimate LA Fitness Bro, or talk about protein all the time either. Take a walk, go on a jog, benefit your health!
  5. Keep Good Hygiene
    For the guys too! Get a manicure, pedicure, use q-tips, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner; The whole thing! Period. Do it with pride! This means dressing well too.
  6. Admission of Failure
    Nobody's perfect, and you shouldn't expect yourself to be either. Raise your hand when you're wrong, learn from the mistake, and move on.
  7. Find Your Passions, and Dedicate Time to Them
    School and Work are important, but they aren't everything! Embrace being young and enjoy the time you have. You need some time to unwind. Find something you enjoy doing and create intricate memories. It's all about balance. And, everyone needs a little playtime.
  8. Buy The Pair of Shoes
    You can't take money to the grave! Don't be the richest person in the cemetery. As my generation would say, "Treat yo self".
  9. Disconnect
    Put. The. Phone. Down. Don't live post to post and like to like. Unplug for a while; look beyond the screen. Social media is inviting and exciting, but promotes negativity and ruins the communicative aspect of the human element. (That's some deep stuff)
  10. Dance
    Sometimes you gotta just let it flow, and let it go. Turn up the tunes, and jam on out. Remember, it's all in the hips.
  11. Say Your Goodbyes // I Love You's
    This is not intended to be totally sad at all. But a simple reminder of how valuable time is. The hour glass waits for no one. Remind your circle (Family, Friends, Significant Other, Pets, etc.) how important and valuable they are, each and every day.