1. The sunrise
  2. The sunset
  3. Baking cookies
  4. The smell of vanilla
  5. Sitting outside on a sunny, 75 degree day
  6. Praying
  7. Driving my car
  8. Spending time alone
  9. Puppies
  10. Spending time with friends
  11. Wearing a new outfit
  12. Making jewlery
  13. Reading
  14. Writing
  15. Jumping on a trampoline
  16. Doing backhandsprings
  17. Homemade mac'n cheese
  18. Crispy bacon
  19. Waking up early to a white Christmas
  20. The fat squirrels on CSU's campus
  21. This list app
  22. Sleeping
  23. People watching
  24. Ice cream cones
  25. Learning to love myself
  26. Listening to music
  27. The smell of rain
  28. Netflix
  29. Roses
  30. Big Fireworks in my town on the 3rd of July
  31. The fact that every year something really weird happens to me on the 4th of July
  32. My electric blanket on a cold winters night
  33. My great grandmother turning 100
  34. The Harry Potter books
  35. Arguing with people, especially when I win
  36. Popcorn and a movie on a Friday night
  37. Looking at Christmas lights
  38. Imagining that someday someone will fall in love with me
  39. Decorating the Christmas tree
  40. Singing to the songs in the radio when I'm alone in my car
  41. Writing letters
  42. Rainbows