1. Not getting to spend enough of time alone
  2. Feeling stupid
  3. The memories of being pressured into losing weight even though I was healthy
  4. The cheer memories
  5. The "Stearns worry gene"
  6. Feeling like people don't like me
  7. School
  8. Affording college
  9. My sister
  10. My dog might die soon
  11. I'm not good enough for most of my family
  12. Not getting to cook since I live in the dorms
  13. Living in the dorms
  14. WW3 might be starting
  15. Never getting the guy in the end
  16. Feeling not pretty
  17. Getting minor panic attacks
  18. Too much change in too little time
  19. The shootings
  20. Not feeling safe anymore
  21. Knowing I'll likely get Alzheimer's when I'm old
  22. The future
  23. The fear that I'll be forgotten