They ain't just pop people, they ain't just pop.
  1. Kelly Clarkson
    Okay, so maybe her vocal power is lowkey recognized because she is the original American Idol. But, for those who only know her for songs like "Heartbeat Song" and "Stronger," lemme tell you she can tackle anything from high belts (she has the 6th highest recorded high note for a famous artist) to bluesy soul to low notes. Don't mess with Kelly.
  2. Demi Lovato
    Demi has got PIPES y'all, she throws out long/high notes like they're nothing and she can really make you feel the soul of a song. She's not just your typical Disney star people, gosh.
  3. Ariana Grande
    Sure, when people say she's the modern-day Mariah Carey, it might be a stretch (unless we're comparing to literal modern-day Mariah Carey, then there's no competition). But like forreal, if you can hit whistle NOTES and impersonate talented singers like Celine Dion or Shakira with perfection, score 1 for Nickelodeon.