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  1. Philandering father
  2. Fake charity efforts
  3. The worst fucking attorneys
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Fight Song? Really? We can do better.
  1. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
  2. Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman
  3. Hall & Oates - Maneater
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I think Trump is using The Dark Knight Rises as his playbook. And I'm not sure if we have a Batman.
  1. He uses leaked documents to show corruption among the establishment.
  2. He encourages violence against police.
  3. He claims to be a savior for the working class but really he'll destroy us all.
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Discussed at length with my brother. Here's what we came up with. No order for this list, only inclusion.
  1. Hot Shots! Part Deux
  2. Wayne's World 2
  3. Addams Family Values
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  1. You Can Text Me Al
  2. Midnight Hyperloop to Georgia
  3. Airbnb California
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  1. Elmer's last chance
  2. Clickbait
  3. A different color
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I do this on Twitter a lot: @adamsigel
  1. Remake of Memento where a man's browser cache, cookies, and history are wiped every 30 minutes
  2. Remake of Driving Miss Daisy where she slowly develops a fondness for her Uber driver
  3. Remake of Sleepless in Seattle where Jonah swipes right for Annie while signed in as Sam
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  1. Just who do you think you are?
  2. Is there a hinge, or is it a top-and-bottom kind of box?
  3. How do you keep the bottom of the inner pizza's crust from getting soaked by the outer pizza's toppings?
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