I do this on Twitter a lot: @adamsigel
  1. Remake of Memento where a man's browser cache, cookies, and history are wiped every 30 minutes
  2. Remake of Driving Miss Daisy where she slowly develops a fondness for her Uber driver
  3. Remake of Sleepless in Seattle where Jonah swipes right for Annie while signed in as Sam
  4. Remake of You've Got Mail where Fox Books buys Shop Around the Corner for $16 billion
  5. Remake of Nell where she only speaks in txt and had never actually interacted with another person
  6. Remake of Home Alone where Kevin just goes on vacation with his family and a precocious home automation system defends the house from burglars
  7. Remake of Poltergeist where Siri tries to convince a little girl to make exorbitant in-app purchases on Apple TV
  8. Remake of Rudy where the team runs a Kickstarter campaign to let him play
  9. Remake of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles where Steve Martin learns that the other riders in an UberPOOL are people with their own stories too
  10. Remake of Memento where Leonard can only use Snapchat, not Instagram
  11. Remake of Brewster's Millions where he just burns through a massive seed round in a month
  12. Remake of It's A Wonderful Life where George sees what life would've been like if he never signed up for Facebook
  13. Remake of Searching for Bobby Fischer but with Candy Crush
  14. Remake of Hackers where a bunch of lazy marketers shortcut their way inside The Gibson
  15. Remake of You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan falls for an AI bot that posts to /r/childrensbooks
  16. Remake of Pleasantville where two modern teens introduce a small 50s-era town to rose gold
  17. Remake of Robin Hood where he and the merry men run a VC-backed incubator
  18. Remake of Beauty and the Beast where a witch curses a man to live in a house full of IoT appliances until he falls in love.
  19. Remake of Cinderella where all the women in the kingdom try to use Touch ID to unlock an iPhone left behind at the ball.