1. Just who do you think you are?
  2. Is there a hinge, or is it a top-and-bottom kind of box?
  3. How do you keep the bottom of the inner pizza's crust from getting soaked by the outer pizza's toppings?
  4. There aren't toppings on the top half, right? You're crazy, but you're not stupid.
  5. Do you expect me to take the inner pizza out and eat that first?
  6. What kind of insensitive son of a bitch introduces a pizza inside a pizza during Passover? There are Jews in Brooklyn. This isn't Mobile.
  7. Just in case I don't finish two pizzas in a single sitting, can I put some of the inner pizza back in the outer pizza?
  8. Can I get different toppings on the inner and outer pizza?
  9. Is this "box" gluten free?
  10. If you wrap it in foil for delivery, you've negated this pizza's purpose. Congratulations, you've got a paradox.
  11. Are you secretly Pizza Hut?