I'm nearly done with an 8 hour trip from Gulf Shores, AL back home to Houston, TX with my dad and my younger sister.
  1. Listened to nostalgic music.
    My dad has the coolest taste in music and I grew up on classic rock. We've been listening to some 70s/80s hits and a lot of Foreigner.
  2. Discussed puppy names. 🐶
    I'm getting a puppy in July and could NOT be more excited. We're still on the fence about what we're gonna call her and have debated the pros/cons of too many names endlessly.
  3. Consumed an insane amount of sugar.
    These things are my dad and my absolute favorites and we always stock up before we go on a trip. We have lemon, watermelon, peppermint, strawberry, and green apple. 😋
  4. Started a new book. 📖
    Im a year late on this one, but as a long time @sarahdessen fan I didn't even read the jacket to see what this one was about before I bought it. She knocked it out of the park (again) and I'm loving it so far!
  5. Loved on our dog.
    We're obsessed with him and he's spoiled rotten. This was his set up in the car at the beginning of the trip, but he's slowly inched his way into my lap over the course of the last couple hours.
  6. Taco Bell. 🌮
    I have no shame in admitting that I love this sad excuse for Mexican food.
  7. Talked life with my dad.
    My dad is always down for some good thoughtful conversations and road trips give us the opportunity to talk endlessly. So far we've discussed where we go if we could time travel, how much we love our dog, current family drama, and where we're headed (literally and figuratively).
  8. Felt relief at being back in the Lone Star State. ⭐️
    I love to travel, but being back in Texas gives me this undeniable sense of peace. Seeing the star at the entrance into TX from LA feels like coming home (even if we do have a few more hours before actually making it home). ❤️