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  1. August
  2. October
  3. January
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  1. Me
  2. My time
  3. Me being on time for class
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  1. Cutie and the Boxer
  2. Carol
    Had been wanting to see this since it was in theater. Beautiful cinematography. Slightly above average plot. I enjoyed this though not quite as much as I thought I would.
  3. House of Cards (Season 4)
    I thought this season was average; the build up was good so season 5 should be better.
These are what I consider the best concept albums, that flow perfectly and have strong overall themes.
  1. 10.
    Separation (Balance and Composure)
  2. 9.
    Third Eye Blind (Third Eye Blind)
  3. 8.
    Gold (Ryan Adams)
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  1. 1.
    I love this movie and it always makes me at least a little bit more happy, plus I always relate to Annie crying on the couch at her moms watching castaway. I've watched this movie so many times that it's just comforting to watch when I am sad.
  2. 2.
    Other than bridesmaids I just watch sad movies when I'm sad...
  3. 3.
    Eternal Sunshine
    This is pretty much the saddest one I watch because it reminds me a lot of an ex boyfriend (it was like "our" movie) so in addition to being a really sad movie it makes me nostalgic
  1. Chelsea Does (2016)
    I enjoyed this. Not the best documentary or the best comedy, but a good mix. 3.5/5
  2. I Killed My Mother (2009)
    Didn't really like this. Good cinematography but I felt both the mother and kid were overstated and unrealistic. It tackled some important issues, though I'm not sure how well. 2/5
  3. The Kids Are Alright (2010)
    I had been meaning to watch this since it first came out. Enjoyed it! The donor dad annoyed me a lot, the kids annoyed me a bit, but the plot felt real and the actors displayed emotions well. 4/5 I will watch this again.
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Because I didn't have cable tv growing up.
  1. 9.
    M.A.S.H on crack + you don't really get to choose. I always loved being a cop as a kid so you could fine people when they were "speeding" aka spun a ten. Fun game, but it's all luck and no strategy. Driving past Mount Rushmore in your minivan is only fun so many times. Optimum number of players: doesn't matter at all. Will it tear people apart? If you get the most expensive salary, everyone else will hate you.
  2. 8.
    Apples to Apples
    I think this is a really fun and unique game which Cards Against Humanities basically copied. Interesting to pick red cards based on the judges sense of humor. Optimum number of players: one of the few games where more is better. Will it tear people apart? Nope, this one surely brings people together.
  3. 7.
    Yu Gi Oh
    $5 for 7 cards means it must have been a fun game. My brother and I never figured out how you were actually supposed to pay this, but we had a lot of fun.
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Based mostly off what Aziz mentioned about LA in Modern Romance.
  1. Tacos
  2. 24 hour taco places
  3. The Beach
  4. Tacos at the beach, I'm assuming
  1. Pink Floyd
    7th grade. First concert I ever went to was Roger Walters The Wall tour which was awesome. I still consider them to be one of my all time faves.
  2. Coldplay
    9th and 10th grade
  3. The Wonder Years
    Probably my all time favorite band, though not what I consider "the best band ever". Started listening to them in 10th grade and they influenced me a lot and always make me nostalgic. Also are the reason for me discovering practically all the other bands I have listened to after them.
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