Because I didn't have cable tv growing up.
  1. 9.
    M.A.S.H on crack + you don't really get to choose. I always loved being a cop as a kid so you could fine people when they were "speeding" aka spun a ten. Fun game, but it's all luck and no strategy. Driving past Mount Rushmore in your minivan is only fun so many times. Optimum number of players: doesn't matter at all. Will it tear people apart? If you get the most expensive salary, everyone else will hate you.
  2. 8.
    Apples to Apples
    I think this is a really fun and unique game which Cards Against Humanities basically copied. Interesting to pick red cards based on the judges sense of humor. Optimum number of players: one of the few games where more is better. Will it tear people apart? Nope, this one surely brings people together.
  3. 7.
    Yu Gi Oh
    $5 for 7 cards means it must have been a fun game. My brother and I never figured out how you were actually supposed to pay this, but we had a lot of fun.
  4. 6.
    Used to hate scrabble as a kid, but hey now I'm a boring adult! There's not much to say about this and I'm still not very good at it. Optimum number of players: 2. Will it tear people apart? Maybe, depending on what q letter word someone forms.
  5. 5.
    This card game is SO fun. You basically ask people ethical questions and have to predict, based on their personality whether they will answer yes, no or depends. Great to play with your family or friends you know well. Optimum number of players: 4-5. Will it tear people apart? Well you can challenge/accuse people of lying, so yes.
  6. 4.
    I honestly haven't played this yet, but I got it for Christmas and am sure I will love it. Reminds me of the computer game Civilization with Risk thrown in? Can't say much else, but have been wanting ti play this for a longg time.
  7. 3.
    So Agatha Chrstie-esque. While not as complex as the final two games, I love the premise of clue and the possible strategies. My brother taught me a pretty good one when I was about 8, been winnin' ever since. I still remember being afraid one of the people from the game was going to murder me. Optimum number of players: 3-4, it is impossible with just 2 and anymore than 4 you don't get enough cards. Will it tear people apart? Nah, you should still be speaking at the end.
  8. 2.
    I prefer the classic version (pictured). I love the strategies possible with this game, though am admittedly still not very good. I don't get to play often because my friends and I always start a game, they get bored, and we stop playing. This is a game my dad and brother love, but my mom would probably hate. Optimum number of players: 3-4 Will it tear people apart? YES.
  9. 1.
    Monopoly, obviously.
    Favorite of me, my mom and my brother. Sometimes we play multiple games all day long. It's not very fun to play this with friends who aren't super into it. Again, lots of possible strategies. Optimum number of players: 3 so you can make deals but there's still lots of properties to buy. Will it tear people apart? At least one person will quit, and possibly fuck up the board out of spite.