1. Pink Floyd
    7th grade. First concert I ever went to was Roger Walters The Wall tour which was awesome. I still consider them to be one of my all time faves.
  2. Coldplay
    9th and 10th grade
  3. The Wonder Years
    Probably my all time favorite band, though not what I consider "the best band ever". Started listening to them in 10th grade and they influenced me a lot and always make me nostalgic. Also are the reason for me discovering practically all the other bands I have listened to after them.
  4. Brand New
    What I might consider "the best band".
  5. The Gaslight Anthem
    Started listening in 11th and 12th grade. Randomly bought one of their albums because it had a song that I had heard a cover of and liked (Heres Looking At You Kid). This became one of my favorite albums ever.
  6. The Menzingers
    Probably still my favorite at the moment, although I don't listen to them very much anymore. Solid punk rock.
  7. Sun Kil Moon
    I guess this is my current favorite band (well really it's just one singer).