Maybe they already are...
  1. John Mulaney
    An awesome young comedian. Would provide a snappy, clever analysis of the modern daily life.
  2. Obi Wan Kenobi's Force Ghost
    So we can get to know the world of old blue tint CGI. Would provide wisdom of the force.
  3. Demetri Martin
    A comic with an investigative look on reality. Expect lists contemplating social science with the process of hula hooping.
  4. George Carlin's Force Ghost
    A ghostly twist on an old pro, you will get to see George Carlin's lists criticizing the broken life of a force ghost.
  5. Big Foot
    This guy is very laid back. He could add a sensitive yet relatable touch to the list app. He may seem scary on the outside, get to know him, and he is a misunderstood creature of love.
  6. The white ball from "Pong"
    I think the pong ball deserves a voice
  7. Danny DeVito
    I want to know more about this guy. I just feel like Danny DeVito would make lists like no other.
  8. Elizabeth Lemon
    I think The List App would be a great place for this lovely character to vent about her struggles and misadventures! Expect lists about snack food and Anna Howard Shaw.
  9. Mrs. Clause
    What does Santa's wife have to say about that unique home life. Lists may include: Her marital complaints, cookies she wishes Santa would bring home, favorite things to do while Santa is gone, ect...
  10. Ron Burgundy
    How would Mr. Burgundy make lists? TOP 10 CLASSY THINGS? FAVORITE RESTAURANTS TO YELL IN? There would be something for everyone!