1. Confuse the audience
    Make sure you don't explain or give any information about the product, this leaves people wanting more...
  2. Ruin a song
    Since your high budget TV ad will be played all the time, feature a popular song in your ad to be sure no one wants to hear it ever again.
  3. Your audience is not smart
    People are intellectually challenged and reading is hard. Don't include scary text in any part of the ad. Simply show your product with the music playing and your good to go!
  4. Your audience is dumb
    Because half the people watching are stupid and will buy the damn thing anyway, don't even show them the product. Take it a step further and show a montage of young people having fun in places. This way all they have to know is that good, iPhone, fun, friends!
  5. Big finale!
    Finnish off with your logo over a white background. Thus ending with the message: "We have brought nothing new to the table!"