I saw Bill Burr live just now...
  1. Do I have time to get a snack before the show starts even though it was supposed to start at 7:00pm
  2. This opener keeps doing his blowjob impression and is talking about how good his blowjob impression is...
  3. Haha, wow, windows on airplanes are small and useless...
  4. Will this couple next to me stop complaining about the people walking around during the show!
  5. Damn, just sit down people!!!
  6. He has been doing this bit about the talking gorilla for so long! But in a good way
  7. Wait what, he's gonna be signing autographs in the lobby after the show?!
  8. Is he about to wrap it up? I gotta get in that line, stat!
  9. Shows over, standing ovation, drop all thoughts and clap...
  10. What's the quickest way to the front? There is this drunk lady racing to the front like a damn bulldozer, I'll go behind her!
  11. Holy shit, I'm 5 feet away from him what I gonna say, so much to say, so little time
  12. Here he is, I'm shaking his hand, say his name! What is his name?! I can't remember his name!! Just say your story, take the selfie and move on....
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    9:05pm, I still have no idea what what I said to the man...
  13. Bj Novak just liked my post 3 sec after postage! Success!