If you are famous and are reading this, please confirm
  1. When people make fan accounts for your children then comment on your photos
  2. Introducing yourself to other famous people
    " Hi I'm Beyoncé" "I know..."
  3. Ordering an Uber
  4. Ordering at Starbucks
    Do they ask you for your name? What if they can't spell it?
  5. Trying to make restaurant reservations
  6. Going to award shows then not getting to sit next to your date unless he/she is also famous
  7. Knowing your children will know exactly what you were doing when you were their age
    (This applies to child stars but also man children)
  8. Jury duty
  9. Updating your LinkedIn profile
  10. Drunk eating pizza at 3am
    In public
  11. Buying condoms
  12. Asking personal assistants to do very personal tasks
  13. Family parties
  14. Mailing addresses