Photos of Food I Took But Never Did Anything With

I'm slowly realizing I have a foodie photo taking problem but I stop myself from posting them so I guess it's ok.
  1. I believe this was summer picnic pizza from some place in Chicago
    It had sweet corn, pulled pork, and fries
  2. Deep Dish Pizza and Wine at Lolla
    Best festival food ever
  3. Croquetas and Ricotta with Basil and Honey
    I was very proud of my appetizers for dinner skills
  4. Turkey Sandwich and Chips
    I just moved and had no furniture
  5. Eggs, Strawberries, and Bacon
    My friend was visiting and I made breakfast
  6. Homemade Poptart from the Iron Rooster in Annapolis
    Still drooling
  7. Chicken, Waffles, Gravy, and Home Fries from the Iron Rooster
    Ugh this meal was good
  8. Cupcakes from a local bakery
    They will serve these in heaven
  9. An ice cream truck came to work
    I love my job
  10. Pasta with Tomatos, Mozzarella and Basil
    It looked artsy on my comforter
  11. Oatmeal with a Nectarine and Drizzle of Honey
    Very instagramable
  12. Lavender Whoopie Pie with Strawberry filling
    I live to close to this bakery
  13. Custard on the Boardwalk
    So refreshing
  14. Cupcakes from the same local bakery
    We're not obsessed at all
  15. Fancy Whole Foods Ramen with Chicken
    The noodles were disgusting
  16. Donuts from a local place
    My nemesis and forever friend all in one
  17. Salmon benny with salad and fries
    My Brunch had FRIES how can it not be amazing?
  18. Tacos in Brooklyn
    Ah-mazing after walking around the city all day
  19. Bagel Bites and Skittles
    This was taken very late at night which is why it's not real food