My grant ended so I'm technically without a job. I have long-term plans, but first I'm taking a month to purge the house and unwind. But this needs to be structured! So as I think of good rules I'm making this list.
  1. If the TV is on, I'm doing something else too.
    Sewing, writing, whatever, but no just sitting here.
  2. One thing at a time.
    It's going to be hard not to get overwhelmed. But I can do the next thing tomorrow.
  3. ... And finish that thing.
    No half-done things and moving on to the next thing!
  4. No backsliding.
    I organized the office. No using the office for dumping now.
  5. No I don't need that.
    This one is SO HARD.
  6. Breaks.
    This is a sort of vacation!