Things I Remember About Nana

  1. The way she cackled when she laughed and threw her head back so you could see her fillings
  2. Her eccentricities
    furs, jewelry, dying her hair platinum blonde, getting a face lift
  3. Her independence
    raising my uncle and making it work after grandpa died, moving to Mexico
  4. Her perfect skin and skin regimen
    She would use Abolene as a cleanser and which hazel as a toner
  5. She would always ask people to ask how old they thought she was (bc she wanted to brag)
  6. Her ability to talk to a brick wall
  7. How much she loved me
  8. She used to call me pumpkin and little monkey as a young girl
  9. How she would always overfeed me when I visited in the summers
    Toasted turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch, fruit salad with oj and sugar, all the soda
  10. Running around all over NYC to McDonald's so I could get my power ranger toys
  11. Watching my first Broadway show with her...Showboat