a starter pack 💜
  1. Apothic
    you probably know about this, it's all the rage rn!! but for a reason. it's $11 at the stores near me
  2. target cube red blend
    okay. mentioned in my last list but it's my fave. $16 for one box (approx 4 bottles, I think). my parents love this so I know it's pretty good.
  3. menage à trois
    worth it for the label alone, but also pretty decent wine!! $10 by me.
  4. yellowtail merlot
    this is like $6 at cvs! pretty good!
  5. two buck chuck
    as cheap as it gets. trader joes!! i like merlot but tbh it's $2, get what you want. it's $2 bc the couple who own the vineyard got divorced & the wife gets all the profits from the wine so the husband sells it for exactly production cost. the one time heartbreak has served me well.