I wrote an essay that means more to me than anything I've ever written and it's about Marina. Here's why she's my number one hero ever.
  1. put 73 items on a table and locked herself in a gallery with people who could do whatever they wanted with those items to her.
    a man pointed a gun at her head and she didn't fucking move. at the end of the 6 hours she started walking toward the people and they tried to run away.
  2. walked the entire wall of china to get over a break up.
    she made him walk it too, but they started on opposite ends, hugged in the middle, and kept walking.
  3. lived her entire life in front of an audience in a fake house for seven days. saying nothing.
  4. constantly battles against men trying to control the art world, the rest of the world.
  5. the grandmother of performance art
    she was at the beginning of an amazing tradition of performance art that reflected feminist values and proved a point without saying anything. a break from performance art that was like "film my friend shooting me in the arm" type of stuff.
  6. recreated a gross price where a man masturbated underneath the floorboards of a gallery while women looked at art. she reversed it.
    the piece was called seedbed and before she did it, like, gross, who cares? but when she did, a woman masturbating while men look at art above her. it says something else entirely.
  7. sat in the moma for 4 months, 8 hours a day, every day, making eye contact with people who waiting for days for that moment with her.
    the artist is present. watch it. on netflix. right now.
  8. could not give a fuck about what anyone has to say at the point.
  9. ok in her youth she cut a pentagram into her stomach & laid on ice in the middle of fire until she passed out
    then she got home before 10 pm because that was her curfew.
  10. she ran repeatedly into the love of her life, ulay, over and over again to symbolize they had become one person.
    wall of china guy, before the break up. they called themselves "the other"
  11. radiates love in the way only someone who really means it, who really loves every single person, can.