Inspired by @DG
  1. the perfect kind of relationship in that it wasn't but the beach was warm and there were so many stars at night and it felt safe.
  2. you asked me if you could kiss me & your favorite band was linkin park & I haven't dated since.
  3. it was dark & we liked dark.
  4. we were both too nervous until it was over and then we were so mean to each other in between kisses.
  5. i made you into something huge because i needed something huge but really you were very small.
  6. your hands had a cold sweat that made my stomach churn.
  7. i needed someone to kiss & there you were. later that night i found someone better.
  8. you tore at me and i never learned your last name but you kept asking me if i was okay, you didn't mind when i bailed to find my friend.
  9. just a peck, but a good peck. we both pretend like we don't remember.
  10. we pitched a tent and you hadn't had your first kiss yet and we were best friends and later i wore your tshirt and i still have it.
  11. we pitched a tent and you hadn't had your first kiss yet and i hope you have improved since.
  12. you were probably in love with me and i probably knew but i wasn't interested in any of that.
  13. whenever we drank we thought of kissing each other it came so easily.
  14. i could never stop kissing you and be content.