autocorrected to "queer mess"
  1. so a few months ago my old roommate, who is also my slightly younger friend, started dating a guy
  2. she texted me, "am I still queer even though I'm in a straight relationship? my friend told me I'm not."
  3. & I keep thinking about this moment & about all the moments in my life where I ignored or buried or hid my own queerness because it is easier to just be straight
  4. & about all the moments now that I am in a queer relationship that I have been called a lesbian & let it go because it is easier
  5. the grey area is not an easy place
  6. no one wants to occupy it because it feels so small & unwanted
  7. tbh most of the negative reactions I've gotten to my queerness / bisexuality have come from lesbians (and some gay men, although their reaction was more directed towards bi men, but still, just as disturbing)
  8. the stereotypes are endless-- we are pretending for male attention, we are hiding from our true (gay) selves, we cheat all the time, we are sex crazed, we are pillow princesses, etc etc
  9. let's not even talk about the lack of representation in the media ((separate list maybe))
  10. but the point is this: you are allowed to be what you are
  11. & it doesn't matter who you are currently dating
  12. or what other people have to say about it
  13. sexuality is a spectrum
  14. & you have to figure out what fits you & sometimes that's a process & that's okay & beautiful & fun
  15. & I love you