1. the way our faces open up when we see something beautiful, like stars in rural areas or our favorite documentaries or a person we love
  2. we decide to love people instead of being safe
  3. there are days that are so incredibly hard but then there are days that seem easy & it almost feels like a trick, but it isn't!
  4. we dance in our underwear & it is so lovely
  5. we handwrite things on paper & fold the paper to put it in a bigger paper with a very small sticker on top of it & give that to another person to put in a box for another human & sometimes reading that handwriting means more than anything else & it is so special
  6. we create art to impress each other but also to impress ourselves
  7. we drive for hours on end just an an excuse to bond with each other & see our faces when we see new, beautiful things
  8. the way we hold onto each other in our sleep