I am an expert and my authority on this matter is unquestioned. This list is subject to change at any moment.
  1. Hometown BBQ
    Recommend: beef rib, jerk ribs, queso mac n' cheese
  2. BrisketTown
    Recommend: brisket (duh), sausage, collards
  3. Mighty Quinn's
    Recommend: brisket, pulled pork, coleslaw
  4. Arrogant Swine
    Recommend: whole hog, coleslaw, mac n' cheese waffle
  5. Fletcher's
    Recommend: burnt ends, burnt ends, burnt ends
  6. Beast of Bourbon
    Recommend: Hanoi Rocks sandwich (pulled pork and kimchi collards), cornbread
  7. The Strand Smokehouse
    Recommend: pulled pork, ribs, mac n' cheese
  8. Mable's
    Recommend: ribs