1. Life size
    That movie about Tyra Banks being a Barbie that comes to life, Lindsay Lohan is there? Who made this movie?
  2. Austin Powers in Goldmember
    Ok, I understand this movie, but why was Beyoncé in it. How much did she get paid for this shit. Did she like the movie? How does she feel about it now? Beyoncé is an actual queen was it crazy that she was in this at the time.
  3. G-force
    Do you remember this shit? The Guinea pigs that were like spys? What the fuck who even thought of this shit
  4. Bee movie
    Why was Jerry Seinfeld a bee? Why did some bitch wanna fuck him as a bee? Who the fuck would fuck a bee? I don't understand, how, why, Seinfeld?
  5. The Pink Panther (2006)
    Again, why was Beyoncé in this? How much was she paid? Why was she in avuncular of weird ass movies in the early 2000s? Does Beyoncé still want to act? Why this movie, why not something else? Also like why did they make a Pink Panther movie? Was it to put Beyoncé in it because that's the only reason I can think of
  6. Baby Geniuses
    Listen I'm not gonna lie, I was obsessed with this movie when I was a kid. Now I'm just confused. What the hell was going through these writers heads, like its a weird existential idea, but why make a movie about it. I don't know this is such a weird movie I'm shocked Beyoncé isn't in it