1. A God in Ruins (Kate Atkinson)
  2. Seveneves (Neal Stephenson)
  3. Mislaid (Nell Zink)
  4. Aurora (Kim Stanley Robinson )
  5. Loving Day (Mat Johnson)
  6. The Glass Sentence (SE Grove)
  7. On the Move (Oliver Sacks)
  8. Euphoria (Lily King)
  9. Hausfrau (Jill Essbaum)
  10. The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Richard Flanagan)
  11. Family Life (Akhil Sharma)
  12. Those other Kate Atkinson mysteries
  13. When we were the Kennedys (Monica Wood)
  14. The Map Thief (Michael Blanding)
  15. Shadow Divers (Robert Kurson)
  16. Carry On (Rainbow Rowell)